Das debüt Motiv ist den schönen, vom Aussterben bedrohten, Nashörnern gewidmet.


SERIES | 2015 - 2021

Myth - The seduction of Europe 1 Oz 999 Ag.

Myth - The Seduction of Europe

With her head held high, a proud woman rides the vigorous bull under the starry sky towards a new future together in the manor house. This scene from Greek mythology is magnificently ... 

Liberty 2021 | 1 Oz 9999 Silver Coin | High Relief PP 

The earth is symbolized by the pomegranate. The sweet fruit with the bitter kernels has stood for life on planet earth for thousands of years, to which we all owe our lives. 

THE CONTINENTS 2021 EUROPE | Mont Blanc 1 OZ 9999 Proof Silver Coin | High Relief


For tens of billions of years it has been seething inside our wonderful planet, until today only a few kilometers of tenants waft huge lava flows beneath the thin earth's crust. The earth we humans live on ...

THE CONTINENTS 2021 EUROPE | Mont Blanc 1 OZ 9999 Dark Proof Silver Coin | High Relief


The continents protruding from the oceans shape the face of our wonderful world. We humans are the new ones on this planet earth. The time has finally come for us to dedicate a shining monument..

Silver Bee 2020 Bullion coin of Le Grand Mint

Superstar Bee 2020
the Wonderful World

And to the flower a bee is a messenger of love," boasts the English on the latest silver piece in our Wonderful World coin collection.  These wise and true words come from the philosopher Khalil Gibran.

Biene, Bee, eine Münzserie aus purem Silber in Bullion Proof Qualität der wunderbaren Welt von Le Grand Mint.

The Wonderful World 2019 The Bee PP Founding father, turnover trillionaire, and food supplier for billions of people. The bee is a multi-talent. It’s also the guarantor of human civilization. Reason enough for Le Grand Mint to create a numismatic monument to ... 

Das Debüt-Motiv der ersten Silbermünze der Evolution Fauna Serie von Le Grand Mint.

The first silver coin from the collection Le Grand Mint


Strong, beautiful, worthy of our protection: Hardly any animal on the planet has so deeply impressed humankind as the rhinoceros. The debut motif of the first ...

Ein echtes Survival Kit aus purem Silber, die zweite Silbermünze der Evolution Fauna Serie von Le Grand Mint.

Le Grand Mint's "Wonderful World" is also dedicating its second motif to one of nature's natural beauties.  Long trunk, grayish, and seemingly cumbersome motions: The real beauty of the tapir reveals itself upon a second glance. 

Global erfolgreich- die bärenstarke Geldanlage von Le Grand Mint aus purem Silber in Proof Qualität.

Globally successful - the powerful financial investment of Le Grand Mint

Globally revered and respected, the bear occupies a special place in humanity's collective consciousness. This creature bears witness to the global success and ...

Wertvoll und edel – die tierisch smarte Sammlerinvestition von Le Grand Mint

Valuable and noble - the beastly clever collector's investment

The Great Anteater is the fourth motif from the Wonderful World Series of Le Grand Mint. Thus, Le Grand Mint once again immortalizes one of our wonderful planet's inhabitants ...

Zum Gedenken an den ersten Unabhängigkeitstag vor 75 Jahren im Libanon   Schmal ist der Küstenstreifen diesseits des Liba

Narrow is the coastal strip on this side of the Lebanese mountains; yet vast is the cultural heritage in the epicentre of Mediterranean civilization. 3000 years ago, tomorrow's alphabet journeyed from Lebanon to the Western World.

Die bislang wertevolleste Sammer-Bullion aus der der Wunderbaren Welt von Le Grand Hoffnung, Glaube, Liebe. Zum Geburtstag

Hope, Faith, and Love

The unshakeable belief in the beauty of our Wonderful World has renewed the motivation of the team to once again put hope in the future. The result is a high-end, unreacted design with loving attention to detail.


Evolution II
Armadillo 2020
The "New World" of our Wonderful World is home to our extraordinary mammal, which adorns the second series of motifs from the Evolution II silver series: The armadillo is the last survivor of its species ...

Ein echtes Original - Erdferkel, Aardvark ist die erste Münze im zweiten Evolution Serie aus Silber von Le Grand Mint.

Evolution II PP
Aardvark 2109
The genus of this nocturnal mammal lay hidden in the darkness for a long period of time.  Clearly, the insectivore is a genuine African original, lives a nocturnal life, however is not safe from predators. 

Biene, Bee, eine Münzserie aus purem Silber in Bullion Proof Qualität der wunderbaren Welt von Le Grand Mint.

Superstar Bee Proof-Like in pure silver with esteem by Le Grand Mint
Still today its economic importance for agriculture is monumental. The annual pollination capacity of the hard-working bee is worth around 265 billion dollars worldwide. 

Die Silbermünzserie von Le Grand Mint, die "Wunderbare Welt" ist eine beliebte Sammlerinvestition von Numismatiker Weltweit.
Hoffnung, Glaub und Liebe, ist das wertevollste im Leben. Zum zehnjährigen Geburtstag von Le Grand wurde eine Münze gepärgt.
Das Le Grand Mint Unternehmen stellt eine breite Palette von Anlagemünzen und Barren für diejenigen, physische Edelmetalle

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Mutige Ideen und Taten sind so vielfältig wie unsere Wunderbare Welt.

Wonderful World Award

Courage has many faces. Courageous ideas and actions are as diverse as our wonderful world. Venturing to take the bold steps to improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged requires courage for solidarity. And courage pays off.