The great liberty to move mountains

Mont Blanc rises 4808 meters above sea level. In the wonderful world of numismatics, the highest mountain on the continent fits the small, fine silver coin "Europe" in detail. With The Continents, Le Grand Mint is once again issuing an in-house series of motifs that sets new standards of aesthetics in modern coin design Wonderful World Collection has created a gleaming monument made of pure fine silver on every continent of this wonderful world. 

The first The Continents coin design was artistically implemented by the Slovak designer Miroslav Hric. The award-winning artist has already designed many coveted collectors' items all over Europe. 
Europe is another Milestone and can be ordered exclusively here.

The wonderful namesake of the continent of Europe adorns the first coin from the brand new coin series "Mythos". With this, the Dormund numismatist is once again expanding his creative portfolio with a real beauty. The seduction of Europe by Zeus, the father of the gods, tells the noble coinage as the story of a strong, self-confident woman in the opulent design of the Roman artist Carmen Testa.

The beautiful Europa rides the latest Le Grand Mint own collection, Zeus disguised as a bull proudly in the manor and at a brisk gallop. All details about sublime Europe will follow in autumn 2021.

The proud trio from the wonderful world of Le Grand Mint completes the wonderful "Liberty": The elaborately crafted relief in fine silver is an aesthetically valuable homage to the most important good in our life in freedom. The silvery special coinage pays thanks to the medical professionals, who respect true values ​​and keep freedom and responsibility in harmony. 

The Le Grand Mint medal was elegantly implemented by the Italian artist Loredana Pancotto. Another grande dame of the Italian numismatic design elite, whom we were able to convince for the first time with the annual motif idea to creatively participate in the wonderful world of Le Gand Mint. Liberty will be available in stores in a few days.

So let's take the freedom to move great mountains together, because freedom is more than a myth.

A handful of luck - five years of Le Grand Mint

This autumn, Le Grand Mint looks back on half a decade of company history. Which is not really the whole truth. Although Le Grand Mint saw the light of day in the summer of 2015, founder Ali Sabbagh began to put his entrepreneurial goals into practice years earlier.

In July 2015 the time had come. With the rhino, Le Grand Mint, in collaboration with designer Dirk Uhlenbrock, is putting on a glamorous debut made of the purest fine silver. The first precious coinage from the in-house silver coin collection "The Wonderful World" was followed by special animals of evolution such as the tapir or the bee as well as the culture-spanning silver coin collection "The Elements".

The wonderful world of silver coins from Le Grand Mint entered the new round in 2020 with the second edition of The Evolution. The armadillo was joined by the new bee in a new guise. Both new additions are extraordinary originals with a functional design.

Le Grand Mint will continue this clear design line in the future with the highest quality standards. True to the motto: Preserve true values.

Le Grand Mint on the road - towards the bee in Spain.

Andalusia is known for its bulls, toreros and the world-famous folk dance flamenco. But a star from our wonderful world series - the little busy bee - has the prosperity of the entire region in the south of Spain allows. The liquid gold, the sweet nutrient-rich honey, formed the basis for a trade tradition between the Orient and the Occident around the Mediterranean that has existed for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that the ancient Phoenicians minted a bee on their valuable silver coins. The importance of the bee has remained unbroken to this day.

Thanks to the industriously produced honeycomb, the bee not only provides the tasty honey, but also guarantees the pollination of many useful plants, trees, flowers and shrubs. In Málaga, Andalusia, the Environment Agency is installing beehives in all parts of the city to ensure the preservation of urban and private green areas. An important contribution to climate protection in times of man-made climate change.

Where milk and honey flow

The city of Colmenar shows visitors how important the bee is to Andalusia. 30 kilometers north of the coastal metropolis of Malaga, tourists will find an interesting honey museum in picturesque Colmenar, which of course also dedicates a lot of space to bees. The Honey Museum is also the seat of the Malaga Beekeepers Association, who organized and managed this project. The place name Colmenar (Spanish "Colmena" for: beehive) goes back to beekeeping, which previously laid the basis for economic prosperity for a long time. The seven bees (they represent the seven-day week of the beekeepers) and the beehive have been part of the community seal since 1877 and the present coat of arms since 1980. Logically, this city is worth a visit, especially for lovers of our wonderful world bee Colmenar offers guests several hotels and regional as well as international restaurants. The fiestas are very popular and are a crowd puller in the entire region. Now in the approaching spring, Andalusia blooms in all its beauty. A country under the southern sun, where milk and honey flow. If that doesn't sound tempting. Let's go - off to the south.

Colmenar Honey Museum

Interesting facts about the wonderful world of collecting


Venezuela - In the beginning there was money

Hyperinflation, falling oil prices and bartering instead of money management. The South American country is currently not resting. The economy is doing badly. Despite natural resources such as gold and iron ore and the world's largest oil deposit, millions of Venezuelans in their homeland suffer from the prevailing shortage economy. The food and energy supply is facing total collapse every day. From summer 2018, the country's most important source of finance was no longer oil exports, but money transfers from Venezuelans who fled abroad to their families. Venezuela is impoverished.

It all started with the prospect of huge profits. Over 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus discovered the shores of today's country Venezuela on his second overseas trip. A year later - in 1499 - the adventurer Hojeda explored the Bay of Maracaibo and the magnificent surroundings for his European masters - the mighty Habsburg dynasty. Thirty years later, in 1528, Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations, urgently needed cash for one of his European wars against the Kingdom of France, northern Italian cities or Slavic princes and borrowed enormous amounts from the Welser bank in Augsburg. The stony patrician family, in turn, received the imperial property of Venezuela as a fief, meaning: From then on, the Welser were the lords over the indigenous population and owners of all natural resources, which in the area between the Andean foothills in the west and the Caribbean in the east along the Orinoco River were found. In the following decades the German Welser made a lot of money in South America. For this, the merchants abducted people from West Africa from their villages and shipped them as slaves to the first German overseas colony in 45 crossings. There the slaves labored in the gold mines or in the jungle while striking precious woods.

But in 1544 it was also the thirst for even more wealth that brought an end to the already profitable activity of the Welser family. Family member Bartholomäus Welser was murdered during an expedition in search of the legendary El Dorado, a myth of a city made of pure gold. The motif? Greed. The rule of the catfish over Venezuela then collapsed. The Welser family property went back to the Spanish crown of the Habsburgs two years later. For centuries, the Venezuelan colony was neglected by the Spanish royal family. Somewhere else in the New World there was enough money to make.

Venezuela only made history once again in 1810. Today's capital, Caracas, was the center of the independence movement from Spain. The leader of this movement was Simon Bolivar. To date, the politician and freedom fighter is the eponym for the modern currency of Venezuela - the colorful Bolivar.

The history of Venezuela is as diverse as the country itself. Colorful and unique are the banknotes of the South American country on the Atlantic. Beautiful animal motifs, unique specifications and security features make the Bolivar banknotes attractive collector's items. Browse through our offer and acquire a piece of history that started with a German bank. 

Corona virus: keep calm in crisis mode - buy silver

The corona virus with the scientific name SARS-CoV-2 seems to be stopping the global economy. The stock market values ​​are in free fall, people are watching each other in the supermarkets with busy hamsters and big fairs like the international travel fair in Berlin or the book fair in Leipzig have failed.

In the wake of the decline in the value of classic shares in listed companies, the gold price rises immensely. Hence the precious metal silver - as always in times of crisis. Financial experts are gloomy about the further prospects for the global economy. The forecasts run in crisis mode: "Based on the knowledge gained so far, the risk of a short, drastic recession increases considerably," warned Nigel Green, Head of Investment Adviser deVere in the German news magazine Spiegel. Means: A downward spiral threatens; from lower consumer spending and investments that triggered job cuts. However, this can lead to falling consumer spending and investment.

So far, however, domestic consumer spending has risen, people are buying more canned vegetables and toiletries in supermarkets, things for everyday use are still being consumed and even being bought twice. The citizens hoard. That hears the consumption rate in the short term. In the long term, however, it is now advisable to spread your money in safe investments. Silver coins and central banks are a safe bank for beginners and experienced investors - especially when stock market prices are in danger of falling to the bottom.

Our company was lucky in misfortune, the two numismatic trade fairs in Berlin and Dortmund were able to successfully take place in late winter. And: collectors and investors who invest their money in gold and silver coins are profiteers of uncertainty. But fear is not a good advisor, don't panic, keeping calm in crisis mode is necessary and the best thing, but always remember: "Caution is the mother of the porcelain box." Stay healthy.


WWA 2020

Wonderful World Award (WWA) – The Le Grand Mint Courage-Award 2020

Le Grand Mint Dortmund, 15 Oct 2020


Wonderful World Award (WWA) – The Le Grand Mint Courage-Award 2020



Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Press Representatives,


Courage deserves respect. Especially in the year 2020. Human rights activists, democracy supporters and humanists worldwide are caught in the crossfire of capitalist excesses and totalitarian regimes. In Belarus, courage is bludgeoned down by an autocrat, in Germany right-wing populists mock the civil courage of climate activists, and in Lebanon corruption greedily eats away at civil society. But people are resisting, and they use powerful statements. This requires courage.


And courage deserves a prize - the human rights prize Wonderful World Award - offered by the internationally active Dortmund numismatics company Le Grand Mint, goes to Charbel Antonius Khoury in 2020.


The video journalist gives the liberal civil society in Lebanon a voice. Khoury comments on current events in economically and politically hard hit Lebanon in an ironic, yet courageously and bold way The free thinker will not let himself be silenced. Since 2020, this courageous contemporary witness has been presenting his own highly professional satire format on YouTube in cooperation with Daraj Media, which has always been critical of the government. As varied as the commitment of this year's WWA winner is, as great is the courage behind it.


The Le Grand Mint team offers its congratulations, we pay our respects and wish our WWA winner Charbel Antonius Khoury continued success and strength. The Wonderful World Award will be presented at ?????????  at the Beirut Money Fair in Lebanon.


Thank you very much for your interest 

With kind regards,

Ali Sabbagh

Beirut in shock, please donate ...

Beirut in shock, please donate ...

Hundreds of dead, countless people have been lost and injured; the Beirut disaster, presumably a terrible chemical accident, has destroyed large parts of the city center and the entire port area of Beirut. Please help, donate ... rebuild Beirut!
We present organizations that have been committed to helping people in battered Lebanon for years.Hunderte Tote, unzählige Menschen sind verschollen und verletzt; die Katastrophe von Beirut, vermutlich ein schreckliches Chemieunglück hat große Teile der Innenstadt und das komplette Hafenviertel von Beirut zerstört. Bitte helft, spendet… Baut Beirut wieder auf!
Wir stellen anbei Organisationen vor, die sich seit Jahren im gebeutelten Libanon den Menschen zugewandt engagieren.

Hundreds of dead, countless people have been lost and injured; the Beirut disaster,

Doctors Without Borders
“There is almost no free medical aid in Lebanon because the health care system is highly privatized and fragmented. In 2019, we therefore focused our work on providing high-quality general and specialist medical help. This was all the more important since the large demonstrations against government policy led to economic instability. As a result, living conditions deteriorated, access to electricity and clean drinking water was restricted, and health care became more expensive. ”

There is almost no free medical aid in Lebanon because the health care system is highly privatized and fragmented.

Technical aid organization
"If the THW needs something, then we will not say no," said the Director General of the South Lebanese Water Authority (SLWE), Ahmad Nizam, on June 29 on the occasion of the handover of five water towers in the city of Barich, southeast of Beirut. In the previous three months, a two-person THW project team had commissioned humanitarian aid from the European Commission (ECHO) to build a high water tank in the region around Tire, to repair three badly damaged tanks and to build a floor tank. The project had a financial volume of EUR 500,000."

The ongoing crisis in neighboring Syria continues to result in a large number of refugees in Lebanon.

Lebanese Red Cross
“The ongoing crisis in neighboring Syria continues to result in a large number of refugees in Lebanon. This places a great strain on the country's social infrastructure. The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) emergency services are particularly affected. That is why the DRC continues to support the LRC emergency services with funding from the European Union to meet the continuing high demand in the country for medical care."

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Preserve true values, get the best goods online.

The past decade has been turbulent, and the future is also uncertain. It is all the wiser to invest in safe investments that are independent of political decisions, share prices and property prices. All the more positive that such wonderful things as the precious metals silver and gold not only shine magically beautiful, but also represent a guarantee for a safe investment. With sustainability, maintaining values ​​is the top priority when collecting. Happy, who discovered the passion for collecting banknotes or coins. But newcomers can also enjoy fun and enjoy discovering and collecting rich returns and secure investments.


Evangelical fanatics in the United States deliberately disregard infection control laws amid the global coronavirus crisis. Likewise foolish behavior in the German capital Berlin; a German Catholic sect and a gathering of fundamentalist Islamists are provoking against the ban on assembly and “social distance” requirements. These irresponsible minorities make the headlines in the media. But there are annoying exceptions to the solidarity-health-conscious rule: Because all spiritual leaders and theological scholars of the three Abrahamic religions prudently call their believers with reason to spiritual prayer and worldly order.

Infection protection facts in Islam

Imams across Germany have called on devout Muslims to stay at home during the Covid 19 pandemic, even on Fridays when the congregations are actually gathering in the mosques for prayer. “An example from the Sunnah is that the prophet instructed the faithful to pray at home on some nights when circumstances did not allow for community prayer in the mosque. The Prophet said to the faithful: "Pray in your tents or in your houses!", Said Sheikh Khaled Omran, General Secretary of the Egyptian-based Fatwa Council, which is recognized by Muslims worldwide.

Beware in Jewish synagogue

“Like the previous chief rabbinate, the orthodox organization is also calling to refrain from shaking hands and kissing Torah scrolls, prayer books or Mesusot. It is recommended to bring your own prayer book. Those who do not feel comfortable or belong to a risk group should stay at home, ”writes the Jüdische Allgemeine about the quite relaxed handling of the Jewish clergy with the coronavirus danger. Only services with over 100 participants are prohibited in Israel, for example.

Abstinence in Christianity

Even before Easter, the Pope spoke the blessing "Urbi et orbi" on the deserted St. Peter's Square in Rome. With that, all Catholics are forgiven. Catholic services also only take place at Easter without an “audience”. The Catholic Churches in Germany only open their doors for silent prayer. The Pope advises: "Stay at home."

Tip: For Easter, visits to relatives, friends and holiday destinations in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic have been canceled. Treat yourself with love, with care and care and stay at home. Buy gifts online. We will surely deliver the Easter greetings to your loved ones at home in cooperation with the large post and parcel deliverers. 


Jahr der Maus, Year of the mouse, eine Goldmünze gewidmet dem Chinesischem Horoskop im Jahr 2020 im Le Grand Mint Shop.

The Chinese horoscope is a science in itself, but reason enough to celebrate the mouse. After all, the Chinese are celebrating the Year of the Mouse in China's New Year 2020. Depending on the region also called the year of the rat. Nothing against the intelligent rat as such, but we've long since fallen in love with two small but very fine mice: made of pure gold and fine silver. Our gold piece of a mouse comes from Mongolia (order online), the pretty mouse in silver from distant Australia (buy here). Both are a great, very personal birth gift for those born in the zodiac of the mouse. Because coins made of precious metal are just perfect for the lucky ones who were born with the clever mouse. According to the Chinese horoscope, these birthday children are intelligent, curious and above all they are always happy about every profitable opportunity. Both mice in the Le Gand Mint range are just that: a clever way of investing farsightedly in the year of the Mouse 2020. Look forward to a mailing soon with a mouse motif. To the mouse and the New Year 2020.

The 12-year Chinese lunar cycle ended in 2019 with the Year of the Pig. The Coin invest Trust (CIT) celebrated the event with a superlative Chinese horoscope coin, which was minted with an innovative smartminting technology in the three-dimensional shape of a pig.

The creative team from CIT has managed to breathe new life into the oversaturated market with astrological coin motifs that flood the numismatic market every year. And the success of the "Jolly Silver Pig" paved the way for his successor. The Year of the Mouse shines with a gold coin from Mongolia. The Witty Silver Mouse published there was struck again three-dimensionally in order to produce a free-standing, delightful mouse, whose aesthetics are not only appreciated and admired by numismatists. The funny gold mouse is usually accompanied by a silver banknote and a small gold coin.

The third Chinese horoscope series (Lunar) series of the Perth Mint starts with the motif of the mouse, thus opening the 2020 edition. The back of the coin is adorned by two mice that climb around on the cob of corn in search of food. In addition to the inscription "Mouse 2020", the Chinese character for mouse and a "P", the mintmark of the Perth Mint, can be found on the back. The front shows the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in the execution of Jody Clark, the weight, delicacy and the face value.

In addition to the classic investment variant in the usual denominations, the Perth Mint is launching the proof version of the Lunar III mouse in silver in the denominations 1 oz and ½ oz as well as a set of 3 (2 oz, 1 oz and ½ oz).

The Elements 

The four basic elements - from the collection Le Grand Mint 


The four basic elements are eternal. Earth, air, fire, and water create the foundation of our wonderful world. Le Grand Mint proudly presents the capital investment "The Elements," made of pure silver. Procure the first two 250 gram silver bullion bars of the motifs "air" and "water" today. "Fire" and "earth" are to follow, creating a complete kilogram set of precious metal. The Elements constitutues a long-established investment in a vigorous format. 


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hold one of the first "The Elements" bullion bars in your own hands. A piece of eternity at a very special price. The elements, like silver, remain forever.


Mint: Le Grand Mint - LEV 

Origin: Germany

Fine weight: 250 g

Fineness: 9999/1000

Size in mm: 65,3 x 35,8 x 10,6 mm

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