Algorithmus Wasser und Erde 2 Oz Silbermünze Niue 2022
Algorithmus Tiger 2 Oz Silbermünze Niue 2022
Algorithmus Adler und Drache Silbermünze Niue 2022
Algorithm Emotions Niue 2 oz 2022
Liberty Fortress Niue 2 oz 2022
Mythos - Europe - 1 oz 999 Silber Proof
Liberty silver coin 2021, dies. Stempelwerkzeug.
THE CONTINENTS 2021 EUROPE | Mont Blanc 1 OZ 9999 Proof Coin | High Relief
Queen Elizabeth 2 Silver COMMEMORATIVE COIN 2022
Gold myth 2021 Europa 1g proof
Algorithmus Wasser & Erde 2 Unzen Silbermünze Niue 2022
Algorithmus Tiger 2 Unzen Silbermünze Niue 2022
Algorithmus Adler & Drache 2 Unzen Silbermünze Niue 2022
Algorithm 2 Oz Silver coin niue 2022
Liberty 2 oz Fortress Niue 2022
Myth 2021 Europe 1 oz 999 silver
Peter Carl Fabergé | Rose Trellis | 2 oz silver 999 Silbermünze 2021 Mongolei 1000 Togrog
Silver Magical Lamp | 1001 Nights 2021 | Palau 1 oz Silbermünze 999
Loop the Loop silver 1 oz 999 COOK ISLANDS 2021 Silbermünze
Majestic Eagle Silver 2 oz Black Proof smartminting© Ultra High Relief 1000 TOGROG
Golden Magical Lamp | 1001 Nights | Palau 0,5 g Goldmünze 9999
Terracotta Warriors Silver 1 oz 999 Silbermünze COOK ISLANDS 2021

Passion for collecting banknotes or coins


Nice expensive gold: gold coins or bars?

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As long as people celebrate, the gold price rises - no matter whether births, baptisms, engagements, weddings and birthdays or anniversaries. If there is something big to celebrate, people are giving themselves gold all over the world on the occasion of the festive event. Gold is popular and sought after. And anything but a fad. Gold stays forever. This is reflected in the value of gold as a safe investment. Gold is great. Industry also demands gold: the precious metal is part of the electronics, is needed in medical technology and cleans the exhaust gases in filters and protects the air we breathe from harmful emissions. The most popular form of gold investment is the purchase of bars. Seventy percent of the gold trade runs from mini bars weighing 0.5 grams to bars weighing one kilogram. Pure gold coins have the advantage of being smaller than bars. The gold reserve is easier to give away or split up more easily and offers further attractive advantages. The value of gold coins is measured not only by the pure material value, but also by the quality of the coinage, the historical background and the design and look of the coins. Important: Gold bars are only exempt from VAT from a purity level of 99.5 percent, for coins the purity must be at least 90 percent. Reading tip: FOCUS


Recover the treasure in the silver universe

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The centerpiece of our shop are the silver pieces from our in-house wonderful world series. We rely on silver because silver has so far been neglected aesthetically and underestimated as an investment. We want to change that and set new standards in terms of expression, form and content. The purest fine silver and the highest embossing quality are also a guarantee of lasting value for generations. Silver is cheaper to buy than gold, but just as rich in constant returns. “By contrast, investments in silver did not increase to the same extent. The gold price has risen again and again to record highs due to the development of the last few years, so that it is much cheaper to buy silver, ”writes the Wall Street Journal. Silver is an important raw material that is in constant demand by the global economy, and guarantees that the precious metal will retain its value with an upward trend. Whoever invests in silver coins wins sustainably. Find the treasure in the silver universe with Le Gand Mint. Reading tip: WALLSTREET


Gather yourself richly!

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There are three million different banknotes in our wonderful world. Including 961 different euro notes on the European continent alone. There are hardly any limits to the global passion for collecting. Compared to numismatics (coins) and philately (stamps), notaphilia (banknotes) is a rather less common, but therefore all the more lucrative collection area. With the right instinct, investors can hide real treasures. The knowledge of the economic order and currency policy and the service from reputable providers help to create safe investments with a high increase in value with banknotes from all over the world. Special rarities generate high revenues on the collector's market. For example, the 5-euro note with the identifier P for Holland and code R003 for the Bundesdruckerei in Berlin - these individual items cost more than 700 euros per note. It is important to treat the valuable banknotes gently, best to keep them well protected from light and moisture, in the case of plastic films without plasticizers ... Come along and discover the fascination of banknotes. Reading tip: WIWO

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Preserve true values ​​- welcome…

Gifts leave a lasting impression on the other person. In the Le Grand Mint Shop, tasteful newcomers and numismatists who are spoiled for quality will find a diverse range of motif themes from the wonderful world of minting. Timeless designs that personally match the valuable character of the people we really love: All the more beautiful when our wonderful designer coins preserve true values even in turbulent times, because the precious metals silver and gold always increase in value.







Liberty Silbermünze 999 Ag Proof


Only 999 pieces worldwide in polishe plate


Year of the mouse, Jahr der Maus, Goldmünze, 9999, Au, Numismatics, Numismatik,

Love & Peace | 0.5 g 9999 Au | Palau 2018

To commemorate the Summer of Love of 1967 and acting as a stark reminder in today’s turbulent times to not take peaceful times for granted, CIT presents two cheery coins showcasing the peace symbol ...

Great White Shark 2021 | Palau 5 Dollars 1 Oz 999 Proof

Great White Shark 2021 | Palau 5 Dollars 1 Oz 999 Proof

When you look at this coin from the top, you will see a remarkable high relief fin coming out of the water. But the real magic happens when you flip this coin to the side where you ...

Goldmünze, 9999, Au, Numismatics, Numismatik, Anker, Form,

GOLDEN ANCHOR 2019 COIN 9999 AU The coin symbolizes the romantic era of
discovery and our dependency on good weather
and helplessness against the elements. Hopes and
fears that James Cook himself would have ...

Steampunk 2020 | Antique Finish 20 Dollars 3 Oz 999 Proof

Steampunk 2020 | Antique Finish 20 Dollars 3 Oz 999 Proof

Loosely defined as combining Victorian age mechanical technology with modern applications, its unique look can be seen everywhere. In a nutshell Steampunk is ...



The Ox is bordered by a highly detailed rim and carries a small mintage of only 5,000 pieces.  Meant as a perfect complement to the silver coin and banknote, you will see the image of  the Ox ... 

Silber, 2019, Münze, Bullion, Numismatics, Numismatik, Edelmetall, Anlage, Gold, Silbermünze, Goldmünze, Banknote, Evolution

Evolution II  „Wonderful World“ Aardvark 2019 Silver  Bullion Coin Proof-Like
The genus of this nocturnal mammal lay hidden in the darkness for a long period of time. Clearly, the insectivore ...

Silber Biene, 2019, Münze, Bullion, Numismatics, Numismatik, Edelmetall, Anlage, Gold, Silbermünze, Goldmünze, Banknote,

Founding father, turnover trillionaire, and food supplier for billions of people. The bee is a multi-talent. It’s also the guarantor of human civilization.
Reason enough for Le Grand Mint to create a numismatic ...

Silber, 2019, Münze, Bullion, Numismatics, Numismatik, Edelmetall, Anlage, Gold, Silbermünze, Goldmünze, Banknote, Biene,

The stockpiling of bee colonies organized into states is also exemplary. That is why Le Grand Mint is dedicating the seventh fine embossing from our silver bullion coin collection ...

Silber, 2019, Münze, Bullion, Numismatics, Numismatik, Edelmetall, Anlage, Gold, Silbermünze, Goldmünze, Banknote, Love Hope


The unshakeable belief in the beauty of our Wonderful World has renewed the motivation of the team to once again put hope in the future. The result is a high-end, unreacted design with loving ....

Silber, 2019, Münze, Bullion, Numismatics, Numismatik, Edelmetall, Anlage, Gold, Silbermünze, Goldmünze, Mrlion, Form, Proof


The Singapore Merlion, with a body that symbolises Singapore's humble beginning as a fishing village and a head that represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura, or ‘lion city’ in Malay. 

Wonderful World serie, Silbermünzen Serie für Sammler, Anlagemünzen, die der Evolution zum Thema Fauna gewidment sind.

About us

Welcome to the Le Grand Mint Shop, we make collector's wishes come true. Brand new banknote and coin series with historical coins (coins) and vintage banknotes from the USA, Orient and all over the world, rare collector's treasures from the entire 20th century.

Wonderful World Award Courage Prei, Mut hat viele Gesichter. Ein Weltweite Auszeichnung für mutige Menschen.

Wonderful World Award

Courage has many faces. Courageous ideas and actions are as diverse as our wonderful world. Venturing to take the bold steps to improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged requires courage for solidarity. And courage pays off.

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Preserve true values, receive the best goods online. In the in-house and secure online shop of Le Grand Mint you will find all precious metal products from our wide range of collectors. Variety and fair prices are guaranteed.

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Our motivation

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Committed to humanism on our home planet, Le Grand Mint wants to do something that promises more than profit, but makes our fellow human beings worldwide winners. We combine ethics and aesthetics to redesign the tried and tested with passion. 

Our history

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"Rough paths lead to the stars," says the Latin debut motif of the Wonderful World Series. We have been offering collectors and savers safe investments for purchase since 2015. Temptingly beautiful in the form of noble silver coins, crisis-proof gold coins and contemporary banknotes.

Our vision

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Preserving true values ​​in uncertain times will continue to be the main motivation of the Dortmund company Le Grand Mint, so that our valuable wonderful world remains a common home planet for all people - harmoniously united in peace, prosperity and freedom.